AKCP announces the release of the Sensor Controlled Relay for sensorProbe products

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Bangkok, Thailand – April 15, 2004

AKCP Co, Ltd. a Thailand based company that provides products for remote environmental and security monitoring, announces the release of the Sensor Controlled Relay for sensorProbe products. This feature will give the users more flexibility in responding to environmental alerts. The newly released point and click web programming interface makes it easy to tie the Sensor Controlled Relay with any user defined sensor alert. This makes it possible for the users to automatically turn on or off external devices whenever environmental condition they are monitoring, reaches beyond threshold value.

The Sensor Controlled Relay is free to existing customers of the sensorProbe. For low current devices the sensorProbe already has an output control built into each of the intelligent sensor ports. For controlling high current devices users will wish to purchase an optional external relay board for $165.00.

This new feature of the sensorProbe product line will help network administrators by automating responses to environmental alerts. For example the Programmable Control Response can turn on the A/C or blower without any user intervention when the temperature threshold is reached. A light or a siren can be turned on for a programmable period whenever the motion detector is alerted. In this case the sensorProbe’s extensive visual programming and filtering of events can reduce unwanted alerts.

The Sensor Controlled Relay, sensorProbe device and AKCP intelligent sensors when used together can create automatic response systems. Set up is easy with user friendly web interface and the autosense feature of the AKCP products.

The Relay Configuration Menu of the web interface provides fields for grouping the sensors and the relay responses in many possible combinations. Using those groupings, user can tie any sensor of the sensorProbe with the Sensor Controlled Relay. Existing users of sensorProbe products can add the automatic response feature by downloading the microcode from the AKCP web site. For the new users, this feature is standard.

The sensorProbe2 is available for $295 including a free temperature sensor, the sensorProbe8 is available for $695, the cameraProbe8 with an integrated image sensor and temperature sensor for $895.

The sensorProbe products are supplied with full SNMP and a complete MIB allowing its interface to SNMP based Network Management systems such as HP OpenView®, IBM Tivoli®, What’s Up Gold and others.

About the sensorProbe

The sensorProbeTM is a low cost environmental monitoring device that enables users to sense critical changes. It can measure the humidity, temperature, airflow, water detection, dry contacts, voltage etc, using its intelligent sensors family.

About AKCP

AKCP Inc., established in 1981, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of IP based environmental and security monitoring solutions. Over 15,000 organizations use the AKCP solution to prevents disaster and secure their infrastructure. AKCP provides early warning of conditions that threaten the integrity of a company’s data and assets. AKCP’s customer base includes the Rack mount Industry, telecommunication industry, Corporate Data Centers and wiring closets, Power Industry, Chemical industry, hospitals, Educational Institutions, Food and Beverage Industry, Department of Defense, and many more industries requiring the ultimate in natural and man made disaster prevention.

AKCPAKCP announces the release of the Sensor Controlled Relay for sensorProbe products