AKCP Improves Live Sensor Mapping and Alarm Notifications

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Bangkok, Thailand. December 21, 2006

AKCP’s sensorProbe8Linux has received a major update and now boasts a drastically improved and simplified Notification Wizard, a completely intuitive Graphical Sensor Configuration System and easier to use Mapping Features.

The all new Notification Wizard puts our most simple, yet powerful system at your finger tips and completely changes the way you configure the SP8L to monitor your assets. The Notification Wizard allows multiple sensors to trigger multiple actions under multiple conditions. It might sound complicated, but configuration has been made intuitive and natural. Notification is configured by choosing a sensor, choosing your conditions and choosing what to do under these conditions. If you want to monitor when the Temperature in your server room rises above 60 degrees and have an e-mail to the support team sent, it’s now as easy as saying it. Configuring notifications is made simple by selecting each variable in small steps. This simplicity coupled with the ability to expand this solution to thousands of actions, sensors, conditions and contacts makes it our most powerful solution yet. Imagine a system that allows you to choose a different contact for each day of the week, a different contact for day and night, a lunch time contact, a group of contacts for low level issues and a completely different chain of contacts for escalation of problems that remain unacknowledged. This power is contained in the updated sensorProbe8Linux. With a whole host of methods to make contact such as: e-mail, telephone, SMS, MMS, SNMP traps, sirens, fax machine and many more, communication is no longer the weak link in the chain for remote sites and individuals.

Initial setup of the SP8L is now simpler than ever. Just connect your intelligent sensors, and immediately the Autosense feature recognizes and displays them as pictures in the online web interface. Set your thresholds, on an intuitive sliding scale, in the newly improved Sensor Tab and you’re online and ready to monitor in seconds. We have removed all the guess work from the setup procedure and provided a setup process with as few steps as possible. The Sensor Tab also provides a mirror of the status and online LEDs present on the front of the sensorProbe removing the need to return to the unit after initial sensor connection.

Sensor Mapping

Our updated Mapping Feature puts the interactive map right where you need it most, on your summary page. The Map is a powerful feature that displays the location of your sensors and their statuses, this combined with your cameras, provides priceless information. The map and cameras can be viewed either simultaneously or in a single frame on a rotating loop, displaying vital information, in the smallest desktop space possible. Our Summary page has been streamlined to incorporate filters on your sensors and system log to display the most important data where it matters, succinctly.

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Alarm Notification
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Live Sensor Mapping
AKCPAKCP Improves Live Sensor Mapping and Alarm Notifications