AKCP releases 8 Port Sensor Relay for advanced process control

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Bangkok, Thailand – 2 April 2008. AKCP Inc., the oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP-based devices for environmental and security monitoring solutions has added an 8 Port Sensor Relay to its product line. The 8 Port Sensor Relay is specially designed for advanced process control. It has 8 multi-purpose relays that are easily controlled by any of AKCP’s extensive selection of sensors. The relays can be programmed to provide automatic responses to sensor status changes. Typical applications are advanced process control such as On/Off switching of appliances, activating alarms or any other situation which requires switching of power depending on a sensors status.

Setting up the sensor controlled relay is easy. As with all AKCP intelligent sensors the parent unit will auto sense and configure the web interface accordingly. In addition the relays can also be controlled directly via any computer or Network Management System on the same network using the included SNMP command line utilities either interactively or programmatically.

The ability to program automatic responses to sensor changes gives users more flexibility in reacting to the environmental alerts. It eliminates the need for user intervention during the alarm condition thus preventing substantial damages by enabling the ability to switch on/off crucial equipment, exhaust fans, or external alarm condition lights.

The rack mountable 1u unit is designed specifically for use with securityProbe product line. Up to 8 of these units can be connected to a single securityProbe, allowing for a maximum of 64 relays. The price of the 8 Port Sensor relay is $600 and is available immediately.

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AKCP Inc., established in 1981, is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP based environmental and security monitoring solutions. Over 35,000 installations use AKCP for disaster prevention and infrastructure security.

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AKCPAKCP releases 8 Port Sensor Relay for advanced process control