Turnua merges Microsoft Azure and AKCP sensors for Remote Monitoring Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

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Turnua Azure alarms dashboard

AKCP, the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of wired and wireless sensor systems, has worked closely with Turnua to create a monitoring solution for unmanned server rooms and communications cabinets. The solution has allowed the clients of Turnua to address the long standing challenge of monitoring and predictive maintenance for business critical facilities using Microsoft Azure and AKCP.

Turnua is a smart infrastructure management company, specializing in the Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities sectors. Their customer has remote, unmanned telecommunications sites across the United Kingdom and were facing challenges with monitoring uptime and maintenance schedules of the equipment housed at these sites. AKCP provided customized software for Turnua that interfaces directly to Microsoft Azure’s IoT platform via MQTT. Azure dashboards were created that allow the large volume of data to be easily digested and displayed to the end user in a meaningful way. 

Turnua SPX+ installation

SPX+ installed at customers site (image cropped for operational security)

The solution utilizes IoT and M2M communication technologies, with AKCP sensorProbe+ devices providing real time data capture and communication. Dry contact inputs from equipment at remote sites, relays and temperature sensors were connected to the sensorProbe+. An integrated 4G cellular data modem provides data communications from the AKCP device back to AKCPro Server Cloud for centralized data collection, graphing and alerts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied through Azure’s open AI technology. Through the use of AI, trends in data are created and historical data analyzed. The data is then used to create predictive analysis of the future, creating of preventative maintenance plans to maximize site uptime and ensure business continuity.

Turnua with Microsoft Azure and AKCP  alarms dashboard

“At Turnua, our ambition is to give clients peace of mind, knowing their critical infrastructure is visibly well-managed and AKCP’s product and knowledge is a key component of that.” says Ed Hickey, Operations Director at Turnua.

The AKCP devices for the projects were supplied through AKCP’s UK distributor Server Room Environments.

For more information on how AKCP solutions can be deployed to monitor your critical infrastructure contact us on [email protected]

AKCPTurnua merges Microsoft Azure and AKCP sensors for Remote Monitoring Solutions for Critical Infrastructure