Realtime Insights

realtime insights to your data center

Visibility of all critical infrastructure in real-time. Whether you have one site, or multiple sites across a wide geographical area, monitor the environmental conditions and data efficiency.

Data center optimization should not be complicated or difficult to achieve. AKCP sensorCFD is an approach to monitoring in realtime your data center environmental and power conditions. Constraining CFD analysis with live sensor data to create easy to use reports on data center efficiency. Whether your critical facilities are remote, difficult to access sites, or simply spread over a wide area, the ability to monitor all environmental conditions from a single user interface is essential. sensorCFD makes it possible for your operations team to have monitoring and efficiency reports anywhere at anytime.

3D Digital Twin of your Data Center

A digital twin of your data center with a zoomable 3D mapping tool shows in realtime your environmental conditions, hot spots, cold spots and stranded capacity. With the digital twin you can simulate failures and changes before they happen.

Remote Monitoring and Management

sensorCFD not only provides remote monitoring of your data center for critical conditions, but utilizes the sensor data to produce a sensor constrained CFD analysis on where you can save OpEx through improved efficiency.

Comply with ASHRAE and Uptime Institute

AKCPRealtime Insights