Remote Monitoring For Commercial Refrigeration

Monitor Temperature, Humidity, And Door Status

  • Maintain Optimal Temperature for Inventory
  • FDA and Regulatory Compliance
  • Monitor Compressors for Abnormalities
  • Alerts When Doors are Left Open

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Over 30 years experience in sensor monitoring solutions

Restaurants and Commercial Food Establishments contain refrigerators and freezers. These make up a large part of the business and therefore monitoring them is a wise decision. In addition to protecting stock losses through refrigeration failures, they aid in compliance with FDA and regulatory requirements. AKCP monitoring solutions are wireless, simple to install, and generate reports in compliance with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 requirements for digital document signature.

AKCP Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Advantages for Commercial Refrigeration

Graphing, History
And Reports

Log data on the AKCP Cloud server. Review history, graphs of temperature and humidity. Automatically generate reports. AKCPro Server drill down mapping interface graphically displays your sensors and their location within your building. Digitally signed PDF reports in compliance with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 are generated.

Preserve And Protect
Product Quality

Maintaining product quality is essential for customer satisfaction. Storage of perishable foodstuffs at the correct temperature is an essential part of food safety. The AKCP remote monitoring system alerts real-time when failures of the temperature-controlled commercial storage occur.

Anytime, Anywhere

Monitor temperature and door status from anywhere in the world through the AKCP cloud service. No apps to install.

Low Cost

Professional sensors at a low cost. Calibrated NIST certified sensors with internal calibration check.

AKCPro Server – Central Monitoring Software

AKCPro Server Central Monitoring software displays all your vehicle locations and temperature values. Live central monitoring of all deployed devices. Daily reports and graphing. Use with all AKCP base units

tracking the Refrigeration vehicle
AKCPro Server Live Online Demo

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AKCPRemote Monitoring For Commercial Refrigeration