Understanding The Science Behind Containment


science behind containment in data center

The evolution of data centers has seen progress in the technology of data center design. To optimize data center performance, engineers and scientists are looking for ways to improve data centers. … Read More

AKCPUnderstanding The Science Behind Containment

Data Center Containment Myths


Debunking Myths of Containment In Data Center

The separation of cold supply air from hot exhaust air is known as data center containment. Containment allows for a consistent supply temperature to IT equipment’s intake and warmer air to … Read More

AKCPData Center Containment Myths

Rethinking Data Center Air Circulation Strategies

Patrick FamisaranArticles, Blog

air circulation

The reliability of a data center is an essential part of the business operation. As data center capacity and server rack densities have increased, in recent years, data center designers … Read More

Patrick FamisaranRethinking Data Center Air Circulation Strategies

Cold Aisle Containment ‘s Air Pressure

Jamie AngaraArticles, Blog

Cold aisle containment

The rising energy consumption of data centers forced the industry to get underway for energy efficiency. Data centers located in the United States alone consumed more than 90 billion kilowatt-hours … Read More

Jamie AngaraCold Aisle Containment ‘s Air Pressure