Green Data Center: Energy Efficiency in Digital World

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green data center

Cloud computing should have reduced worldwide data center energy usage. It’s possible only if those cloud data centers are as efficient as they can be. Cloud computing and colocation data … Read More

Clarissa GarciaGreen Data Center: Energy Efficiency in Digital World

Concepts of Sustainability for Data Centers

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concept of sustainability

Rise of the Sustainable Data Center – Concepts of Sustainability Cloud computing and digital transformation feed the world’s rising need for processing capacity. Different concepts of sustainability are now top-of-mind … Read More

Clarissa GarciaConcepts of Sustainability for Data Centers

A Net-Zero Energy Data Center

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net-zero data center

While the demand for cloud-based services heightens, data centers are becoming notorious for the amount of energy they consume. High-density racks are servicing manufacturing, online gaming, on-demand IP-based TV, must … Read More

Jamie AngaraA Net-Zero Energy Data Center