AKCP announces Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors


Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors monitor air inlet and outlet temperature differentials to identify hot spots and airflow obstructions within the cabinet.

Cabinet Thermal Map

AKCP Cabinet Thermal Map Sensor data displayed on a visual representation of the cabinet.

Comprising of a 6 sensor string with optional 2 humidity sensors, Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors provide a detailed overview of your computer cabinets’ temperature status. The sensor string comes pre-configured using only a single auto-sense intelligent sensor port. The first three sensors are positioned at the front top, middle and bottom, and three at the rear top, middle and bottom. The temperature differential between front air inlet and rear air outlet diagnoses hotspots that could be caused by obstructions to, or insufficient, airflow.

Traditional monitoring of computer cabinet temperature does not take into account the temperature differentials, instead of relying on a single temperature sensor position usually at the air intake. This will only give information on the temperature of the air entering the cabinet and fails to alert to potential problems within the cabinet that the utilization of Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors can spot. The temperature differential between front and rear diagnoses airflow obstructions caused by cables, server or cooling fan failures, and insufficient pressure differentials to pull air through the cabinet.

Cabinet Thermal Maps come pre-wired and ready to mount with magnets, cable ties, or ultra-high bond adhesive tape to hold them in position on your cabinet. Mount each sensor on the front and rear doors of your perforated cabinet so they are exposed directly to the airflow in and out of the rack. On sealed cabinets, they can still be mounted on the inside and give the same monitoring of temperature differential between front and rear, and ensure that airflow is distributed across the cabinet.

Sensor data is displayed in the AKCP sensorProbe+ base unit web UI, and also in AKCPro Server. A graphical representation of the cabinet and installed sensors together with animated arrows shows the status and value of each sensor. Cabinet Thermal Maps can be used as part of the AKCP Rack+ System and combined with power meters and relays to build a cost-effective intelligent computer cabinet.


AKCPAKCP announces Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors