Modbus to SNMP Gateway


AKCP Modbus to SNMP Gateway base units for Modbus RS485 or Modbus TCP/IP. leverage the power of our notifications, monitoring and sensors combined with an interface to your third party Modbus devices.

Modbus is a serial communications protocol, originally designed for use with PLC controllers. It has become a popular standard protocol for communications of electronics equipment. Modbus is often used to connect SCADA equipment, PLC’s, and generators. Typically used over RS485, it can also be communicated over TCP/IP. Modbus uses a “master-slave” architecture, with a Modbus master device collecting data from multiple slaves that respond to its requests.

AKCP’s family of sensor and control systems developed over the last 30 years are widely used in industrial applications. Anywhere you need to monitor sensors and control systems our network-enabled devices are the first choice.

The sensorProbe+ series is a cost-effective and robust solution that can act as a Modbus RTU <-> TCP/IP as well as Modbus RTU or TCP/IP <-> SNMP gateway. It can function as either Master or Slave through the addition of the optional Modbus EXP port on all SP2+ and SPX+ units.

Modbus Gateway is available on both the SPX+ and the SP2+ base units.

sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) is capable of acting as a Modbus Gateway. Every unit comes with an RS485/EXP port as standard. In addition, the unit can be customized to suit your monitoring needs. Build the device with the sensor ports, I/O’s, relays and A2D converters you need. DIN rail or rack-mounted.
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sensorProbe2+ (SP2+) is a compact device, which can be ordered in a Modbus Gateway configuration. The SP2+ standard comes with 4 sensor ports, but the SP2+E comes with 3 sensor ports and 1x RS485/EXP port.
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AKCP Power Meter Sensor

AKCP Power Monitoring Sensor is a Modbus power meter. Available in 1ph or 3ph and in-line or with CT inputs, it is capable of monitoring with bailable grade accuracy the power consumption of connected circuits. The power meter communications over Modbus RS485, and is thus compatible with all SPX+ and SP2+E base units.
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AKCP Power Meter Sensor - Modbus Gateway

The SPX+ and SP2+E support Modbus Gateway over RS485 and TCP/IP. They can function as either a Modbus Master or Slave. In Slave configuration, your Master device can poll data from any AKCP Intelligent sensor over Modbus. This gives our sensors the ability to be used as inputs for a PLC, or the AKCP base unit can function as a PLC itself, with Modbus senses acting as the inputs and the AKCP unit as a Modbus Master.

AKCPModbus to SNMP Gateway