Rooms to Go – Supply Chain Management

AKCPCase Study

The company has Three state of the art distribution centers, Seffner and Lakeland, Florida and Suwanee, Georgia. These 800,000 + Sq. Ft. buildings are delivered throughout the South Eastern United States from Florida to Maine. Trucking 2000 rooms a day, Rooms To Go can deliver to any home within 100 miles of I-95.

The Challenge

With 5 stores in the South Eastern United States Rooms to Go is critically dependent on its IT infrastructure to manage routing, delivery and shipping information for their shipping managers

The aim of Shipping Managers at Room To Go is to ensure that shipments are delivered on time and at the lowest cost and also that that the resources are optimally utilized.
Information about unused resources, such as trucks returning from deliveries empty or partially used container capacity, translates directly to lost profits.

The Solution

The computer networks at Rooms To Go are housed in the factory premise that has manufacturing and storage facilities. Any changes in the environmental conditions in the factory can severely affect the computer network.

The sensorProbe8 can be connected in any combination to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, Airflow including long term graphing, security, detect AC Power Line Voltage, Measure Digital Voltmeter, control relays, and many more. Our sensors include an integrated data collection and graphing package to spot trends in the airflow, temperature, humidity.
The Result achieved

Reduced Downtime – sensorProbe8 helps companies increase uptime and availability through advanced notification of potential problems and faster mean time-to-repair when failures do occur.

Increased Profits – sensorProbe8 is easy to install and integrate with the existing facilities and does not require any special handling.

Increased Customer satisfaction – Built in notification features like Email, SMS and SNMP traps, SensorProbe8 allows employees to manage their work and lives better.

AKCPRooms to Go – Supply Chain Management