AKCP introduces the securityProbe for Environmental and Security Monitoring

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Bangkok, Thailand – 11 September 2007. AKCP Inc., introduces the securityProbe, an intelligent monitoring device. The securityProbe combines sensors and cameras alerting to unauthorized intruders, security breaches, high temperatures, smoke, water leakages, power outages and much more. Up to 4 pan-and-tilt cameras can be integrated with a wide assortment of physical sensors. Our advanced Event Notification Wizards makes it easy to keep the user informed via email, SMS, telephone call, web-browser, and other channels.

The AKCP securityProbe product line is the successor to the popular sensorProbe8Linux monitoring devices. The securityProbe has all of the features of the sensorProbe8Linux with added capabilities. It features a faster CPU and graphics card. It runs the same software as its predecessor and has the same easy-to-use web-based user interface. The pricing will remain the same as the sensorProbe8Linux line.

The new securityProbe features a 32-bit Xscale PXA270 312 MHz processor, 128mb of nonvolatile flash memory for storage, 8 full autosense RJ-45 ports for AKCP intelligent sensors, a 10/100 mbps Ethernet port, a serial port, a USB port and a RS485 and Modbus port. The securityProbe runs the embedded Linux Operating system including web server, https (SSL), Bash, Perl, vi, Telnet, PHP, Email and Nagios.

This new and improved monitoring device from AKCP also has enhanced camera controls via the 4 built-in pan-tilt controllers. The securityProbe features a higher resolution of 640×480 pixels with a frame rate of 15 frames per second, and 30 frames per second for a 320×240 picture size. Other new features include Modbus slave support and the ability to add language packs.

The new securityProbe line features:

  • 32-bit Xscale PXA270, 312 mhz processor
  • 640 x 480 pixel image resolution at 15 frames per second
  • 320 x 240 pixel image resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Connection for up to 4 external cameras
  • Built-in Pan Tilt Zoom controllers on all 4 video ports
  • Modbus Support

Pan Tilt Dome Camera

We have also added a new external dome camera to our product line. The Pan Tilt Dome Camera is designed to provide greater functionality to the securityProbe range of devices. Not only can you monitor assets

and infrastructure remotely, combining the AKCP PTDC Camera with a securityProbe allows you to actually see any problems, from anywhere in the world.

securityProbe + Pan Tilt Dome Camera Bundle (SC1)
Pan Tilt Dome CamerasecurityProbe8
The securityProbe + Pan Tilt Dome Camera Bundle (Product code: SC1) will replace our cameraProbe8 (CP8). The securityProbe when connected to our external Pan Tilt Dome Camera, becomes an IP Network based Camera Security and Environmental Monitoring Solution. The securityProbe integrates over 10 years of environmental monitoring experience with the latest high resolution CCD technology.

securityProbe (Product code: SEC)

  • 8 ports for intelligent sensors
  • 4 video ports


securityProbe-X20 (Product code: SEC-X20)

  • 8 ports for intelligent sensors
  • 4 video ports
  • 20 dry contact inputs


securityProbe-X60 (Product code: SEC-X60)

  • 8 ports for intelligent sensors
  • 4 video ports
  • 60 dry contact inputs

Latest Price List

We have update our price list. To get the latest price list, please download a copy from here:


These units are available as of 01 August 2007. Please contact [email protected] for product information or lead times. If you have any technical questions about our new products, please contact us at [email protected]

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AKCPAKCP introduces the securityProbe for Environmental and Security Monitoring