Solar Panel and Battery Monitoring

Check panel efficiency and battery health

  • Panel and Battery Voltage, Current and Watts
  • Battery terminal temperature
  • Wired and Wireless
  • Graphing, Alerts and Reports

Wired and Wireless Solar Power Monitoring System

Remotely monitor your solar power system

Online monitoring from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Check Voltage, Current and Wattage. Graphing of values aid in panel efficiency analysis to ensure your system is always working at peak performance.

Solar PanelsSolar Panels

Panel perofrmance degrade aproximately 1% per year. Track your panels output and efficiency over time. Identify when panels require maintenance, cleaning or replacing. Monitor individual panels or a complete array.


Determine battery efficiency and power output. Check that your current draw does not exceed the solar panel input so your system is properly balanced, battery temperature and voltage. Monitor individualor banks of batteries.

Centralized Monitoring

Monitor your complete solar panel system from one central software. View graphs, recieve daily reports, integrate live video camera feeds for visual on site reference and generate e-mail or SMS alerts if voltages or current are out of the desired parameters.

*10 year battery life based on ambient temperature of 25°C broadcasting every 15 minutes.

Wireless Tunnel Sensors monitor temperature and D.C Power of solar panels and batteries.
Wireless Tunnel Gateway collects sensor data. View online, forward via SNMP or consolidate in AKCPro Server
Graphing, Gauges, Alerts and Reports in AKCPro Server.

AKCPro Server – Centralized Monitoring

Monitor one or multiple solar panel systems from a single user interface. AKCPro Server is a world class central monitoring platform that is free for use with all AKCP monitoring systems. Graphing, reports, drill down mapping and integration with IP camera video feeds puts you in control of your solar power system.

Drill Down Mapping

Global map shows all your solar power sites. The overview indicates the site location and current status (Normal, Warning or Critical). Drill down from a world view to individual sites. Upload site plans or draw layouts in AKCPro Server with our drawing tools.


Reports can be automatically generated giving a summary of all sensors in critical status, or specific sensors data over the past 24 hours. Reports are e-mailed to designated people on a user defined schedule.

Custom Dashboards and Gauges

Creat your own dashboards showing the data relevant to you. Gauges, graphs, system logs, maps, video feeds and sensor status summary. We include a collection of pre defined desktop layouts to choose from that can be further customized with a “drag and drop” user interface.

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