Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
For Art Galleries and Museums

Monitor and Maintain Temperature and Humidity

  • Protect Vulnerable Artifacts
  • Remote Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere
  • Wireless Temperature Sensors
  • Realtime Monitoring and Alerts

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Over 30 years experience in sensor monitoring solutions

Maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels in museums and art galleries is vital. Not only at room level, but for individual artifacts. Ancient objects and paintings degrade when exposed to high levels of humidity and light. AKCP temperature and humidity sensors are wireless, battery-operated sensors for easy installation. No large antennas, they are compact and elegant. Sensors are NIST certified calibrated and feature our internal calibration integrity check with failover technology.

Advantages of AKCP Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Art Galleries and Museums

Graphing, History
and Reports

Log data on the AKCP Cloud server. Review history, graphs of temperature and humidity. Automatically generate reports. AKCPro Server drill down mapping interface graphically displays your sensors and their location within your building. Drill down from building location to floorplan, to an individual sensor graph.

Preserve and Protect

Moisture absorption and temperature fluctuations as well as mold and mildew cause severe damage to museum and art gallery pieces. With AKCP temperature and humidity sensors you receive real-time alerts via SMS or E-Mail when environmental conditions in your museum or gallery are outside of your pre-defined thresholds

Anytime, Anywhere

Monitor museum/gallery temperature and humidity from anywhere in the world through the AKCP cloud service. No apps to install.

Low Cost

Professional sensors at a low cost. Calibrated NIST certified sensors with internal calibration check.

AKCPro Server – Central Monitoring Software

AKCPro Server central monitoring software displays all your vehicle locations and temperature values. Live central monitoring of all deployed devices. Daily reports and graphing. Use with all AKCP base units

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AKCPro Server Live Online Demo

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