A Net-Zero Energy Data Center

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net-zero data center

While the demand for cloud-based services heightens, data centers are becoming notorious for the amount of energy they consume. High-density racks are servicing manufacturing, online gaming, on demand IP based … Read More

Jamie AngaraA Net-Zero Energy Data Center

Direct Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

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direct liquid cooling

Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring a new generation of technology with high-performance processors and increased rack density. This corresponds to more heat, transcending the capability of traditional air … Read More

Jamie AngaraDirect Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

PUE Impact On Data Center Costs

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PUE impact to data center cost

Importance of PUE on Data Center Costs Efficiency measurements such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) assist data center owners and operators. By assessing the entire … Read More

Clarissa GarciaPUE Impact On Data Center Costs