AKCP Easy Man Integration with SNMP Management tools


AKCP’s range of environmental, security and power monitoring products for the data center are fully SNMP V1, 2 and 3 compliant. This allows integration of the AKCP devices into third party Network Management Software (NMS) or Building Management Software (BMS).

Easy Man SNMP Management tools from www.easysoft.se is an example of one such NMS. Built on the software from Castle Rock Computing, SNMPc, it provides you with tools for visualization of your data center and network. The MIB browser tool includes AKCP’s MIB pre loaded, making integration of AKCP devices to Easy Man SNMP a straightforward process.

Once you have loaded the AKCP MIB, select the sensor you wish to monitor, and the relevant Object Identifier Number (OID) and create SNMP TRAP events for that OID for alerting purposes. Easy Man SNMP includes both trap sending and receiving capabilities.


Create SNMP TRAP alerts within Easy Man SNMP

AKCP sensorProbe+ devices come in a range of options. From a simple, low cost SP1+ with a single sensor port, dry contact I/O and a built in temperature sensor and PoE priced at $195 MSRP, up to the customizable SPX+ with multiple sensor ports, dry contact I/O’s, mini relay outputs., 4-20mAmp and 0-5VDC inputs. The addition of AKCP sensors such as water leak detection, thermal maps, smoke detection and security sensors completes your data center environmental, power and security monitoring.

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AKCPAKCP Easy Man Integration with SNMP Management tools