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AKCP and Box Broadband Remote Cabinet Monitoring

Box Broadband is a newly establish ISP in the United Kingdom. They required a monitoring solution to log access to events to the remote cabinets that house communications equipment. This would not only log when the cabinets were accessed but be able to flag potential security breaches and intrusions. The solution was provided to them by our UK dealer OpenXtra.

After careful review of the solutions available on the market, AKCP was selected as the preferred supplier due to the scalability of our solution, centralized monitoring and management software, as well as our reputation as the industry leader for networked monitoring in the data center and remote sites.

The SP2+ device was selected. It’s small form factor, price point and ability to connect with up to 4 sensors. The sensors selected to be deployed were the door contact security sensor, smoke detector and temperature sensor.

Remote Cabinet Monitoring for Box Broadband

“After about a week of research and consulting with other professionals I had narrowed it down to four products from several vendors. AKCP stood out with how scalable their software and devices are and its support of many input and device types. I loved everything about the products and being that they’re an industry leader in this sort of technology was a strong plus.”

Robert Fitzgerald
Access Team Engineer
Box Broadband Ltd.

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