AKCP Supports Holy Angel University

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Electronic Engineering students at Holy Angel University in Angeles City, Philippines, have utilized AKCP base units in their project centered on safety and security in the work place.

The students designed a building automation platform for controlling the building environment, security, and systems such as HVAC. Using an Arduino logic board they programmed the controller to turn on and off relays. Using an infrared remote control they were able to switch on and off lights around the building, fans, air-conditioning, unlock doors and activate the security system.

Vice President for Production together with Holy Angel University Electrical Engineering students.

They integrated their own design with AKCP’s Door Control Unit (DCU) to give RFID and biometric access to the building together with monitoring temperature, humidity and water leak detection. CCTV video surveillance was also provided as part of the project by AKCP, using digital USB cameras connected to the Door Control Unit (DCU).

Using dry contacts the AKCP base units were able to monitor the systems controlled by the students own Arduino system. This allowed for integration of CCTV video surveillance coming from the AKCP system to be synchronized with events from the students own system together in AKCPro Server. Other alerts such as SMS and MMS were also generated through the AKCP system.

Holy Angel University Student working with AKCP equipment

Mechanical engineering students made use of AKCP base units also, for a simulated citywide flood prevention system. The Ultrasonic Fuel Level sensor is capable of monitoring the level for a variety of liquids, water included. By using these mounted above a reservoir they were able to monitor the water level and use sensor controlled relays and notifications to react to rising levels. Alerts could be sent to the local community to evacuate an area if flooding is imminent, and relays were able to switch on pumping equipment to begin to pump water to underground storage tanks, or a larger reservoir.

Student project, AKCP base units used as part of a smart building system.

In both of these student projects AKCP’s monitoring equipment was used to great success. AKCP provided the equipment on loan to the students free of charge, and also invited them to our production and testing facility for hands on training in their products. Holy Angel University and AKCP have forged a strong partnership in recent years by providing support for students, sharing our knowledge and expertise and accepting interns on a yearly basis, often recruiting testing technicians directly from the university.

AKCPAKCP Supports Holy Angel University