Ravica And AKCP Teamed Up For Better IT Management Systems

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ravica and akcp

For a limited time, Ravica will be issuing a free sensorProbe2 from AKCP to all customers who purchase 2 or more Ravica utilities with maintenance. The utilities include Logalot, OStivity, and Denika Performance Trender.

About sensorProbe
The sensorProbe is a low-cost environmental monitoring device that enables users to sense critical changes. It can measure the humidity, temperature, airflow, water detection, dry contacts, voltage, etc, using its intelligent sensors family. It fully supports SNMP.

The sensorProbe 2A costs $245.00 including a free 1-foot temperature sensor. A 1-foot humidity sensor and a 1-foot temperature sensor with sensorProbe cost $ 345.00. The sensorProbe 2 also interfaces with all intelligent Sensors manufactured by AKCP, such as Water detectors, Voltage monitors, etc.

The 4-20mA sensor is the latest in the AKCP intelligent sensor series.

About Ravica Solution

Denika is a low-cost performance trender of any SNMP counter. Graphics are powered with MRTG and RRDTool and create daily weekly, monthly, and year graphics.

The Denika software costs $795.00 or $1090.00 with 1 year of maintenance and support.

About the Integration

Ravica has added auto-discovery to WebNM and Denika Performance Trender enabling these tools to create performance graphs of Temperature and Humidity being sensed by the sensorProbe manufactured by AKCP. The graphs show an environmental trend over a day, week, month, and a full year.

Live Demonstration: www.denika.com.

Denika and WebNM both integrate with WhatsUp Gold from IPSWITCH.

Area Of Application

AKCP’s environment monitoring products have been widely accepted to monitor computer data centers, distributed network equipment, computer rack-mount devices, Warehouses, labs, etc.

AKCP extends its market segment for the sensorProbe by adding custom analog sensors. Now analog sensors such as pressure transducers can be web-enabled with full SNMP.

About AKCP

AKCP was established in the early 1980s. Their focus on SNMP-based network management has led to a family of computerized environmental monitoring devices. Now the world leader in SNMP-based remote monitoring, AKCP was the first in the industry to offer low-cost SNMP-based environment monitoring. AKCP, a global company with R&D offices in Bangkok, Thailand, and Bangalore, India, continues to lead through its extensive research efforts. AKCP, sensorArray and sensorProbe are trademarks of AKCP Co. Ltd. For product and sales information, contact AKCP. at AKCP Co. Ltd, 67/285 Muangake Village #8, Moo 3 Vipawadee Road, Tambol Lughook, Amphur Muang, Pathumtanee, Thailand – 12000,

Via Telephone: 011-66-2-997-8622
Fax: 011-66-2-997-8622,
or via e-mail at [email protected];
or visit the AKCP Web site at www.akcp.com

About Ravica Technologies, INC.

Ravica develops Web-based software products for application, desktop, and network management. The Ravica product family includes WebNM, OStivity, and Denika Performance Trender. Denika, strengthens the ability of WhatsUp Gold, Ipswitch Inc.’s leading network mapping and monitoring tool, to provide valuable reports on application and network capacity; OStivity is a full-featured desktop and server hardware and software inventory tool; WebNM includes Denika and OStivity and scales to the enterprise allowing for tens of thousands of reports with a high degree of automation and improved integration with WhatsUp Gold. All Ravica products are designed for today’s mission-critical business communications. Ravica sets new standards for value, flexibility, and interoperability. Its products are available directly from Ravica and through distributors and resellers.

Ravica, Denika, OStivity, WebM, the Denika logo, the OStivity logo, and the WebM logo, are trademarks of Ravica Technologies, Inc. WhatsUp, the WhatsUp logo, IPSWITCH, and the IPSWITCH logo are trademarks of IPSWITCH, Inc.

For product and sales information, contact Ravica Technologies, Inc. at 1293 Main Street, Sanford, Maine,

via telephone (207) 324-8805,
fax (207) 324-8683,
or e-mail at [email protected];

or visit the Ravica Web site at www.Ravica.com

AKCPRavica And AKCP Teamed Up For Better IT Management Systems