Hello AKCP,

I have noticed a slight difference in the AKCP temperature readings displayed in both my SP2+ unit and also my securityProbe 5ES unit compared to this 3rd party sensor I have. Is there a way to adjust the readings to match these reading differences in the AKCP sensor or base unit?

Thank you for your help with this.


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Hello AKCP Customer,

Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, actually we do have a solution for this built into our sensorProbe+ & securityProbe base units.

But, first we suggest making sure that your third-party sensor is accurate in its measurements. These 3rd party sensors accuracy can vary depending on their quality.

To adjust the AKCP sensor readings using the web interface, we provide the “Reading Offset” feature in the AKCP securityProbe base unit as shown in this screen shot below. Simply log in to the web UI as the administrator, then navigate to the Sensors tab >> Click on the sensor’s icon >> Advanced tab then adjust the Reading Offset as explained in the example below.

The “Reading Offset” value will be added to the sensor reading value.
For example, if a reference temperature sensor is reading 19.8 C and our AKCP THS is reading 21.7 C the n a offset of 19.8 – 21.7 = -1.9 C should be used.

After saving the offset value -1.9 C, the device will automatically subtract 1.9 C from the future readings of the THS. So, the new readings will be 21.7 – 1.9 = 19.8 C.
If our sensor is reading lower than the reference sensor then you would need to add the positive value for the offset.

For the AKCP SP+ base units, follow the same instructions above only in the Advanced page you would adjust the Calibration Factor as shown in the screen shot below using the same parameters as explained in the example above.

Please also note, regarding the calibration of all AKCP sensors. All of our sensors are calibrated from the factory and tested before shipment. There is no need to re-calibrate the sensors in the field after receiving them. Moreover, we do offer the sensor calibration certificates. If you require these please send your request to our support and or sales team.

Please continue to visit our online technical forum here as we are constantly adding more questions and answers. Please also always check our technical knowledge base information here as well for the SP+ units: https://www.akcp.com/knowledge-base/sensorprobe-plus-series-knowledge-base/

Please Note: This feature is only supported on the following AKCP sensors.

sensorProbe+ and securityProbe platforms
Temperature & Humidity
sensorProbe+ F4, F7, H7
Temperature & Humidity & Thermocouple
Flow meter & Pulse Counter
H7 only
Virtual Sensors and PMS


AKCP Support Team

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