Data Center Environmental Monitoring System And Developments

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Environmental monitoring for data center

Datacenter environmental monitoring system is an essential component of a data center. Even if the technical infrastructure is cutting-edge, if factors like heat or moisture are ignored, the expensive infrastructure may fail, resulting … Read More

Clarissa GarciaData Center Environmental Monitoring System And Developments

Cooling Tips for Data Center Efficiency

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cooling tips for data center

Like any other machine, IT equipment in data centers generates waste. In this case, heat is generated as a byproduct of the power consumed. This heat must be removed for … Read More

Danica BautistaCooling Tips for Data Center Efficiency

Rise of Prefabricated Data Centers

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Prefabricated data centers

There is a rapid expansion of the digital economy. This is driven by the rise of various technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile internet and streaming services. … Read More

AKCPRise of Prefabricated Data Centers

Transition Into Modular Data Center

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Modular Data Center

Aspects That Are Changing the Game Although the need for more physical data centers is growing, there are fewer resources available to build new data centers. Aging Population The U.S. … Read More

AKCPTransition Into Modular Data Center

High-Density Data Center Management

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high-density data center

Rack densities are on the rise, and this will continue in the coming years. According to the Uptime Institute study, 69% of their respondents say that their average rack density … Read More

Jamie AngaraHigh-Density Data Center Management

Concepts of Sustainability for Data Centers

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concept of sustainability

Rise of the Sustainable Data Center – Concepts of Sustainability Cloud computing and digital transformation feed the world’s rising need for processing capacity. Different concepts of sustainability are now top-of-mind … Read More

Clarissa GarciaConcepts of Sustainability for Data Centers

Direct Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

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direct liquid cooling

Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring a new generation of technology with high-performance processors and increased rack density. This corresponds to more heat, transcending the capability of traditional air … Read More

Jamie AngaraDirect Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

Containerized Data Center: A New IT Modality

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containerized data center

Cloud computing and data storage has exploded. This growth saw large-scale and high-density data centers. Data centers have been continuously catering to the growing demand. As such, more extensive infrastructure … Read More

Patrick FamisaranContainerized Data Center: A New IT Modality

Why Data Centers Need Water Leak Detection


Massive failures can occur when a data center overlooks its water leak detection system. Even small leaks undetected can lead to a devastating malfunction of servers and data center equipment. … Read More

AKCPWhy Data Centers Need Water Leak Detection