Different Types of IoT Sensors

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IOT Sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize the way systems and businesses operate, allowing for not only greater automation but also greater visibility thanks to the massive … Read More

Charmie Lyn FloresDifferent Types of IoT Sensors

What’s the Maximum Server Room Temperature?

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higher Server room temperature

Server room temperature is one of the most important metrics in any data center environment. Keeping the equipment inside at a consistent temperature and humidity is a critical part of a … Read More

AKCPWhat’s the Maximum Server Room Temperature?

Data Center Cooling Trends Today

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data center cooling

Data center cooling systems consume vast amounts of energy. Large scale cooling systems also use water as an essential resource. Combined the environmental impact from these cooling systems is huge. … Read More

AKCPData Center Cooling Trends Today

Data Center Environmental Monitoring System And Developments

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Environmental monitoring for data center

Datacenter environmental monitoring system is an essential component of a data center. Even if the technical infrastructure is cutting-edge, if factors like heat or moisture are ignored, the expensive infrastructure may fail, resulting … Read More

Clarissa GarciaData Center Environmental Monitoring System And Developments

Data Center Cooling Strategies

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cooling strategy in data center

The rapidly increasing demand for AI, 5G wireless, IoT, and the advent of Smart Cities have put pressure on the data center industry to expand capacity. Servers generate a great deal … Read More

Clarissa GarciaData Center Cooling Strategies