Remote Refrigeration Monitoring System


What is Remote Refrigeration Monitoring?

The purpose of any refrigeration system is to maintain a cold temperature. Usually, the temperature should be optimal for the product being stored. For example, vaccines and temperature-sensitive drugs typically require to be kept between 2°c and 8°C. Other products such as foods, meats and dairy products may require different temperature ranges. What is common amongst all of these is that the temperature must be maintained to e sure the safety or efficacy of the product. If there are temperature deviation due to failures in the refrigeration system it can be costly, resulting in damage to the products.

A remote refrigeration monitoring system allows you to take control of your cold chain. It provides real-time monitoring of the temperature inside your chilled storage container, reefer, temperature-controlled warehouses and delivery trucks. This allows you to be on top of the situation at all times, and receive immediate alerts should the temperature rise above pre-defined thresholds. Some systems can also monitor the chiller doors so you know when the cold storage is accessed and make sure doors are closed properly. The remote monitoring system typically communicates over a wired network connection to the internet, or via WiFi, or sometimes in mobile systems for delivery trucks, over the cellular data network via 4G modems. 

The sensor data is logged and can be viewed online as part of an IoT infrastructure for monitoring your cold chain network.

Remote Refrigeration Monitoring System

Why Use a Remote Refrigeration Monitoring System?

In some industries such as the heavily regulated food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, there are legal requirements or at least industry standards, that must be adhered to. Typically in the cold chain industry, this relates to the maintenance of the cold chain, monitoring and logging of data to confirm that no temperature excursions have occurred. Therefore, utilizing a remote refrigeration monitoring system can ensure compliance with the various regulatory standards from agencies such as the FDA. The data collected is compiled and can be used to produce compliance reports.

AKCP Cold Chain and Remote Refrigeration Monitoring Solution

AKCP provides a complete end to end monitoring solution for remote refrigeration monitoring. With NIST traceable, calibrated temperature sensors, wired and wireless sensors, data loggers, you can ensure that at every step your cold chain is monitored. View your entire refrigerated network online through AKCPro Server central management software.

The Pharma-Mon product line from AKCP is our dedicated solution for monitoring temperature-sensitive drugs and pharmaceutical products throughout the cold chain.

AKCPRemote Refrigeration Monitoring System