sensorProbe goes Mobile!!


Bangkok, Thailand – Dec 21st, 2002

The sensorProbe, the ultimate solution in remote monitoring of environmental changes, is now enabled with an additional feature called SMS Messaging (Short Messaging Service). Using SMS, the sensorProbe is now capable of sending alerts to a mobile device whenever it encounters any changes in the monitored environment. SMS messaging protects valuable IT resources by alerting the user even when they are on move.

We currently cover more than 500 Network Operator Carriers for 200 countries. Please check with us at [email protected] for coverage in your area.

About the sensorProbe : The sensorProbe is a low cost remote sensor monitoring device that enables users to monitor the environment for critical changes. It can measure the humidity, temperature, airflow, water, dry contacts, voltage etc, using its intelligent sensors family.

The sensorProbe device is a simple, accurate and rugged device. It is designed for rackmount installation with its innovative 0U holder.

The sensorProbe connects via the Ethernet. It has an embedded web server and an IP Address. When the environment of the sensor changes beyond the user specified limits, it sends alerts using the E-Mail, SMS and SNMP traps. It provides a simple embedded graphing utility, so customers can track the temperature and humidity changes over the past months. It has been tightly integrated with all major Network Management Platforms.

Cost of sensorProbe with SMS feature.

Users can subscribe to SMS by paying an additional $120 per annum against which they would receive 500 SMS credits.

Area of application

AKCP’s environment monitoring products have been widely accepted to monitor data centers, distributed network equipment, computer rack mount devices, Warehouses, labs etc.

About AKCP

AKCP was established in early 1980’s. Our focus on snmp based network management has led to a family of computerized environmental monitoring devices. Now the world leader in the SNMP based remote monitoring, AKCP was the first in the industry to offer low cost snmp based environment monitoring. AKCP, a global company with R&D offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Bangalore, India, continues to lead through its extensive research efforts.

AKCPsensorProbe goes Mobile!!