Server Room Monitoring


server room and data center temperature monitoring

Server room temperature monitoring is critical to ensure uptime. Most small and medium sized businesses have some kind of IT infrastructure. Whether using cloud services, edge data centers, or on location server rooms, monitoring to ensure availability of IT services is essential. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic times where people are shifting to work from home and relying more and more on IT infrastructure.

Why is temperature important?

Ensuring that servers, network switches, routers are running at cool temperatures will increase reliability and lifespan. Servers that run hot will consume more power, have decreased performance and higher probability of failures. For example, the HDD and SSD’s have optimal temperatures at which they perform. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) publishes standards for server room operating temperatures. It is advised that between 20°C – 24°C is the best for maximizing efficiency and longevity of servers. Humidity sensors should also be considered to ensure it is within allowable parameters.

Monitoring Server Room Temperature with AKCP

AKCP temperature, dual temperature and humidity and cabinet thermal map sensors are designed for remote monitoring of server room temperature. A range of other sensors for detecting water leaks, airflow and differential air pressure are also available.

Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Wired or Wireless?

AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ technology has made a revolution in the data center and server room environmental monitoring industry. Although wired solutions are available through the popular sensorProbe and sensorProbe+ product lines, all sensors are available in a wireless version as well. Going wireless for your environmental monitoring in the server room has certain advantages such as speed of deployment, simpler cabling, lower cost of installation. A lower total cost of ownership is achieved with the higher sensor cost offset by lower supporting infrastructure costs.

Based on Semtech’s chirp spread spectrum LoRa Radio technology, the Wireless Tunnel is a best in class professional wireless communications system. Secure, reliable and low power with excellent battery life.

AKCPServer Room Monitoring